Door entry systems repaired and replaced

Replacing your door entry system can seem complicated, but Anchor have 40+ years’ experience in repairing and replacing door entry systems.

Whether residential, commercial, or educational, Anchor have designs to suit your premises. Entry systems vary between keypad, keyless (swipe card, keycard, key fob), biometric (fingerprint scanner), and audio-visual (CCTV and intercom linked to a control room). Anchor promise to ensure:


  • Deep understanding of your specific requirements 

  • Thorough analysis and site survey to identify risks and any unique risk factors 

  • Careful thought to solution design options, effectiveness, value for money and appropriateness of solution for all users and residents

  • Emphasis on long term value to extend life of system and solution proposed 

  • Wrapped up in a comprehensive yet reasonable support package assuring owners and residents of a prompt and timely resolution should any issue arise 

  • Providing an all-encompassing solution with exceptional value for money for the long-term security of the building

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