Audio solutions with medical benefits as well as entertainment value

East & North Herts NHS Trust has drawn on Anchor’s longstanding expertise in customised audio systems, to commission a special ward audio system. Following an architectural survey and drawing up of detailed designs and system topography schematics, Anchor was selected to proceed to implementation stage of their high quality, hygienic and user-friendly solution.

Audio system for hospital patients

Anchor delivered the first of the audio systems for the dementia department at Lister Hospital Stevenage in March 2021. Consultant Dr Richard Press says playing selected audio music and reassuring messages can provide significant benefits for dementia patients. The audio system is expected to increase the ability of the patients to sleep, and thereby reduce anxiety levels and general patient well-being. In addition to this, short term memory loss sufferers will welcome the recorded announcements as a point of reference. These timed reminders repeat information such as today’s date and a patient’s location, reminding them they are in hospital and in safe hands.

Versatile and hygienic design

The system utilises multiple zones giving the ability for the staff to play music appropriate to each of the individuals wards or side rooms. The high quality sound system is brought to the wards by hygienically installed flush mounted speakers which allow easy cleaning to prevent the spread of infection. Working with the hospital’s data technicians, Anchor installed the amplifier equipment in the ceiling void saving space and minimising cleaning surfaces further helping the ward’s high hygiene standards.  The challenge of working in an occupied ward was successfully addressed, with close liaison with the hospital staff to ensure minimum disruption and noise disturbance.

Simple controls

The turnkey package included a dedicated OneTouch touchscreen control tablet, enabling ward staff to easily switch between channels on Spotify from a single touch of the screen. Knowing a patients favourite music genre can be a big advantage in helping turn a bad event into a good day. For announcements in real time a PA channel was included with a mic installed close to the nurse’s station. Now staff can make announcements e.g. for celebrating ward birthdays, communicating up-the-minute information to the whole ward at once.

Community funded

Staff and patients like were overjoyed at the Trust’s decision to invest in Anchor’s cutting-edge audio system. The entire project will be funded by charitable donations to the East & North Herts HNS Trust charity, which has received generous support from friends of the hospital including Morrison’s. Donations can be made at